No baby yet, just busy

July 25, 2008 at 11:54 am

Hi everyone! Sorry i havent posted in a few days. ive just been busy with my kids. trying to let them have a good time before baby arrives. sure i wont feel like extra kids running around with a little one here, so i thought id do some big kid-overtime right now. They’ve had friends staying the night all week. doc stripped my membranes, said im only dilated to 1, and that im 50% thinned, and thats all. i go again monday morning. he said if no baby by the following week then i can “twist his arm”. thank you for your thoughts and prayers. i certainly appreciate knowing that you are thinking about my family and i:p i promise i’ll let you know as soon as baby comes. i think about that every day and i know im gonna be going crazy until i get home to tell you! meanwhile, ive gained 3 lbs every week since i stopped taking my medicine, and now im outgrowing all of my maternity clothes:eek: my little sister calls me, “Buddah”. Bratt! It’s cute, though.

Okay, talk to ya later! Ive got cleaning to do;)