No Anodyne

March 3, 2011 at 2:28 pm

No it is not a white laser. It is an infrared device, FDA approved for use on pain, sense regeneration and peripheral neuropathy.

I have now had two 35 minute sessions with my OT and the Anodyne unit. It removed the ankle pain of relearning to walk, heated my cold feet and brought back some of the sensations I had lost in the soles of my feet. It has helped dramatically with my foot drop. The results lasted a good two days. The sessions are three times per week for twelve sessions, then re-evaluate to see if there is improvement…..which as I said there is already. So I am excited.

Anodyne received a Nobel Prize in the discovery of breaking down of nitric oxide in the blood, which helps in blood circulation. That was the main effect. Secondary effects came later.

I think Anodyne devices are specific to the company and expensive. Others are cheap imitations which I shy away from. It is best to get the original work done by a PT or OT. That way you can tell whether it is right for you. My OT had to get my MD to prescribe the therapy first, which was done. More as my trial period progresses.