Night Time Pain

November 11, 2011 at 1:30 am

CBirdy ~ What you describe is similar to what I go through each day. End of day my feet and lower legs are especially affected – its more inflammation mixed with neuro-pain and muscle pain. First half hour in bed is uncomfortable and then things seem to mellow out. I just hate waking up to CIDP.

I work from my home; mostly sedentary, so I get up and move around every hour or so on my crutches. When I do go out with my electric wheelchair, I usually bundle my tasks and come home with increased symptoms throughout. I try not to go out two days in a row.

We all find our personal new normal – but I’m still optimistic that one day I’ll get better and better. Like you, staying busy takes my mind off the weirdness and is part of my therapy. I really feel best – if it can be called that – when I accomplish a difficult task. Maybe its the endorphins of success mixed with a dose of self-worth.. ??

I get IVIG each 6 weeks and often the last week is a long one. Because IVIG works for me, I (unfortunately) look forward to it.