Night time a’int no fun time

November 11, 2011 at 8:29 pm

Sounds like we all went to different schools together.

I can relate to the night time scenario – the same only different. DU mentioned self-discipline works to get through it – but not every time.
Self D requires energy and when a person is running low its easy to run out. I’ve spent a lot of nights staring in the dark, just hanging in there. I found it best to not get up and I just lay there – sometimes there are no good choices.

When I feel myself tense up or get angry like DU described ~ I get over my anger pretty quick. Anger gives the other person power over me and I don’t want that. DU, I’ll bet a nickel your doctor didn’t have another thought about you when the door closed and still doesn’t. I’m not saying I get happy – its natural to get angry – we should get angry – but that’s a rock I don’t want to carry to long. I have other feelings to replace anger (disgusted, disappointed, amazed at incompetence, and maybe a few adjectives for good measure).

Me: “So what can be done about this foot/arm/leg doc?”
Doc: No answer, a slight smile…
Me: “Well, doc, what can be done?”
I then shut up and just look at him… silence – so be it. If he tries to change the subject I don’t go there. I lobbed the ball in his side of the court and he hasn’t hit it back.
Doc: “Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.”
Me: “That’s not an answer to my question.”
I do not repeat question, he already knows what I asked. I sometimes get interesting results and even respect for standing my ground.

I digress, but this is a forum for sharing thoughts and experiences – so, I add the following:

Recently, I was sitting in my chair, as usual, and watched as someone just got up from their chair – without even thinking about it!!! – and left the room. I had a sudden and unexpected feeling of jealousy of all things! It hit me square on and it was a powerful and unusual sensation for me. I had to dig deep and work hard to overcome that surprise.
Best to all