next Visit on July 17, 2008

July 8, 2008 at 4:31 pm

Thanks for all your advise and support on this great topic of concern on my health. I see this Dr. in 2 weeks. I won’t be able to schedule with my #2 Neurologist by then so I will go and let him reevaluate me and push for the treatment.

The response to my topic of no treatment has bene both informative and alarming form me. Basically from Dec 07 through Feb 08 (while suffering badly and yet undiagnosed) I Truely thought I was going to Die. I did not know what was happening to me this Dr, Dr. Brown who I believe had a good reputation by writing papers on this disease back in the 1970’s was this first to actually tell me what it was. by the time he did an EMG on all extremities himself, I went into remission which he saw on the results. So as to why he recommended against treatment for now or until my next visit, I don’t understand. I will sure ask him now. Two Weeks. Yeah! I did take the time since then for a stress reduction period of time. I seemed somewhat content and complacent due to partial and ongoing recovery instead of acting more Proactive. I just had basically a huge sigh of relief it wasn’t ALS, which was on the table. He never even brought up MS. Probably due to the sensory/peripheral and onset reasons.

Does anyone think that my partial recovery is a further reasoning that the Dr’s may argue against the IVIG treatment and prednisolone? OR Does it back Up the diagnosis and warrant immediate action?

Thank you Guys and Gals for you opinions based on your experience.