News and Announcements cont.

September 12, 2008 at 7:09 pm

Thanks Dawn and Linda H . Glad someone agrees with me as it is so tough.
I will pm Julie to see what she says.
Maybe I am getting somewhere but it has taken soooooo long. I even called Clev Clinic today as it is past the 2 weeks they said they would let me know.
I asked the Nurse to find out . Told Bill to do it but he did not. So I am doing it. He is also suppose to get a sugar test and ct o chest but I guess I will have to do that also. Oh Linda I got the patches for him a couple of months ago and he asked the cardiologist for a prescription which is still laying on his pile of to do list.


News and Announcements cont.

September 12, 2008 at 11:53 am

Thanks everyone for your encouragement. Faith: not sure I have any anymore.
Sorry for the downer. I feel like there are so many of you who need encouragement from me to you and I am ignoring the fact that all of you have so many problems and most of them worse than ours.

I have been playing tough love lately and I know this gets my daughter down but it sometimes is the only way to get my husband moving. I had some real frustations at Clev Clinic. Physical therapy was brought up and I quickly said that Bill has had 2 seperate prescriptions for pt but has refused to go. Just does not feel like it same thing about another subject for which I cannot disclose now.
She got really mad at me and I know it was because I was complaining about her dad. Well, shouldn’t my kids know what is going on so they can encourage him and support both of us. This happens alot with her. It does hurt as she just does not get it. Then some friends (2) went along on the last session seeing the doc (only for 5 min. he said) when both of their phones went off one after the other. It happened at least 3 times and I asked them to leave which they did not (only because they did not turn it off just opened and closed it to have them ring again) Now we were already we were only suppose to see him at 1:55 for 5 minutes but he was early (20 till 1:00) but Bill was late as he stayed behind to smoke. Frustrated, of course expecially with some people saying let him go as he says smoking is the only thing he has to keep him going. I am sorry but when I hear the docs ask him to quick because it is not helping him it just causes more anguish inme.

Believe me when I say that I DO UNDERSTAND what it is like to quit smoking. I smoked but of course I did not have a disease to confuse the issue. But it was one of the hardest things to do. He says he has nothing else. Where am I in this.

So let this be a guidline for all of you out there. I want my husband to live and he is not good but better than alot of you that write in here. Please quit smoking before it quits you. My bigges fear is that this is what is going to get him.

By the way some friend? of mine said get off this computer because it is not good for you. How in the world do they think I learned so much and had so much support if it was not for you folks. Sure I am angry especially since I told Bill when he wanted to move that he is going to move me away from family and friends and then die on me . He promised to quit smoking if I moved so here I am. You are my friends.

Sorry, I guess I had to get a little mad