Newman – Montoya…

November 20, 2006 at 9:55 pm


The only thing they showed prior to Montoya’s crash was he and Newman in a side x side run, and it looked like Newman just got too close and it took the air off him…Newman spun out. If there was anything else, they didn’t show it.

You’re right, Montoya doing a good job in just making a start in the NASCAR’s, and trying to stay out of everybody’s way. But, at the same time, didn’t really get a good shot of what exactly happened with Newman spinning him out. That’s really not a Newman trademark…usually a clean driver. Unless Newman really upset with loosing Matt Borland as Crew Chief.

Larry McReynolds made the comment that “it looked like Newman took him out, but didn’t know what all was involved from Newman’s spin.” Check on tuesday, because Newman and his Crew Chief were invited to the NASCAR trailer after the race.

I have really enjoyed this, and like Dick, can’t wait until Feb until the Daytona 500 will start it all over again. I even enjoy keeping the scores.:D

Hey, I like winning too.:rolleyes: