new to forum 57 yr male budman

October 27, 2010 at 2:18 pm

😡 hello – we are new to this forum and this is my first note. my boyfriend of 22 yrs recevied a flu shot in Oct 2008, he got pneumonia so bad, he was hospitalized for sepsis by the end of December 2008. He was also awaiting a cartoird artery surgery (to clean out the gunk) scheduled for end of Jan 2010. So as we had enougt worries, he notices numbness and pain in his feet, mainly right one. He thought it was from his surgery, but it was not. From there on within 6 months (after back surgery for pinched nerves) he had foot drop which requires a braces and will not ever be 100% again. Major damage to his nerves as CIDP does, after @ 1 yr he was diagnosed. That loss of a year caused his permanent damage!!!

I stumbled apon the laywer/government site to help people like us. We spoke with then and they told us that they would not handle the case and to find someone else, time sensative case. What a bunch of bull****.

Gamex IVIG was making him terribly sick so he went on steriods, not much success. We are going back to Gamex IVIG , taking precautionary benadryl prior to treatment to see if we can stop the sickness to see any results. What a depression disease.. We told our doctor he tripped, and she matter of factly looked as us and told us maybe we should get a walker. WRONG answer.

QUOTE=gbs-mf-stroke]To everyone,

Please see my post regarding getting GBS, etc added to the list of tabled illness regarding the Vaccine Compensation Fund for more information.

Just a comment about documentation: You do not need a doctor to write a letter stating that your disorder was caused by a vaccine. The vaccine court bases the claim on a time frame for when any symptoms started from the date the vaccine was received. Not the diagnosis but the start of the symptoms. In most cases it is 6-8 weeks but it depends on the disorder. It is easy to fill out a HIPPA form and have records sent to you. You may have to pay a copying fee, which can be substantial if the record is extensive. If you fill out a form for the attorney to get the records, there is no cost to you and the attorney can send the records to you on a cd.

It is free to consult an attorney and you will not have to pay any attorney costs, ever. If you do then find another attorney. There are credible firms on the internet.

Your best weapon is complete medical records and a written account by anyone involved detailing what they remember, have seen, etc. regarding the person who fell ill. If the patient can write, they should write an account as well.

Again, please see my post. If we don’t get these diseases added to the list of tabled illnesses, we have no chance of ever getting compensation. We need to educate the government and medical community about the prevalence of vaccine related neurological disorder and demand to be compensated. If the federal government has chosen to give drug companies immunity from lawsuit, then the federal government has a right to compensate those who have had their lives destroyed.[/QUOTE]