New to CIDP

March 19, 2008 at 10:37 am


I’m Eric, I don’t inderstand “forums, Threads, Topics” etc, but I AM understanding more n more bout CIDP!
I was diafnosed in September, been on Prendisone 50 mg since. Worked, at first, but now Doc has me on IvIg, 5 day load, then a day a month, that isn;t helping at all and the Prend is killing me (but I relapse, almost immed if it reduces below 40 mg)
They dod the Nerve study/EMG and LP, it all matches CIDP. As do9 the symptoms, but I can’t help but thinking they asre barking up the wrong tree? Since the IvIg is having no positive effect?
Doc is telling me to apply for SS, whichj I did. And to sut and wait, while using a cane? I’m a self-employed single Dad of 2. If you or anybody have another idea of what to look at oor do, I’ll try it! (Ot at least suggest it)
My regular Dr suggested I fire my neuro and he’d send me to UVA, I told him I’d give the IvIg another “shot” but, so far I’m worse, not better?

Sorry to burden you, my Neuro is short-staffed and thinks I’m a pain in the arse! (too busy to ask questions)

Happy Easter!