New Pain Doc, Yes!

March 20, 2010 at 10:47 pm

I don’t know about TX but in CA primaries will not prescribe pain meds except temporarily please get a referral to a new pain management, try to screen the office procedures before you go. With CIDP the pain docs were not so reluctant to give morphine, but honestly it’s not as effective as oxy. As I’ve mentioned in the pain, pain, pain thread my daughter’s pain is not controlled with just morphine, ms chontin which is the time release version, she needs other pain meds with it, that’s where the problem comes in. They don’t like to prescribe more than one. They DON’T GET IT. But we keep trying. Some else’s pain is very, no impossible, to evaluate. We are on 3rd pain doc. One of them sent us on our way over a year ago and a snippy young resident told us that ‘primary care can write these prescriptions, we don’t have people come in just for prescriptions’ that was County hospital here in good old overpopulated LA.

Please go to another pain med doc, usually you will need a referral from another doctor.