New Member- Rituxan

December 15, 2007 at 3:22 pm

New member ( been reading posts for couple of months now)- trying to absorb all of the info here- particularly related to Rituxan. I was diagnosed in July 2007 with CIDP and have been thru two rounds of IVIG ( 5 consecutive days each ) and 4 Plasma Exchanges in 2 week period with NO sign of improvement. Been on prednisone since July various dosages and started Imuran about 3 weeks ago. Neurologist noted last summer that I had elevated IGM level and said that may be why I was not responding too well. Feet numbness and pain gets worse by the week. – Anyways to RITUXAN- Late in October he tried to get me approved for Rituxan on recomendation of a consultion Neurologist,but my Ins. Co. Rejected- as noted in threads- they are looking for CANCER to be involved to use the Rituxan not approved for CIDP. After rejection Dr. said that he was thinking maybe we should wait to pursue Rituxan with the Ins. Co. as he felt it might be TOO agressive a treatment with TOO much risk and we should continue more conventional treatments for now- this is when I went on Imuran and he increased Prednisone dose.- At this point I THINK the ” risk ” would be well worth it. Becoming concerned that when I get better MAY not get back the feeling in feet! My take on most of posts is that if you can get the Rituxan – take it – am I reading this right? ( I see another specialist in Boston in early Jan.- and guess my Dr. will want to have his opinion before we make changes but I am beginning to feel that I MUST become more agressive in treatments to be taken ) – SORRY this post was sooooo long- i should have started posting sooner !

Jim M
Wilbraham, MA