New Med

August 29, 2008 at 8:05 am


I was administered the Gabapentin to replace the Ultram. Doc put me on two 300mg of Gab. Defineately works better for me than the lyrica. I believe it is somewhat of a low dose compared to what I hear others taking. My doctor won’t let me add the ultam back in until I go three more weeks with a satisfactory liver lab. they we can play around.

The Gabapentin took away alot of the ache in the lower half of my legs, it makes my fingers feel a bit weird though. I am toe walkin now on both and was able to do a 30 foot mini jog/sprint. Wow, its been a while. I probably looked like Forest Gump. It made me smile with joy.

Also managed to climb into the nose bleed level at the Eagles game last night. I almost tumbled though when it came time to go down the row into the seat, scaired the C%@^ out of me. I didn’t try leaving the seat til the game was over for fear of taking a dive. Got home at 1am so I’m Pooped.
See Ya!