new here continued

February 23, 2007 at 3:48 pm

PDARA here, to all of you THANKS! Can’t tell you how helpful your posts have been. I’ve just been released from the hospital, still numbness, tingling in my feet, lower legs just below my knees, and of course can’t walk by myself (although this has been minimized due to my age (35) and ability to “bounce back quickly”) Docs have spent the last 5 days “ruling things out”, and they are now saying I don’t have GBS, and have discontinued the IVIG. I’m not worse, but I am not better. Spinal tap was done 5 days into this, and came back normal. First neuromuscular was abnormal, but now are normal. White spots, possibly migraine or could be CNS inflammation, but not MS or Lupus. They just aren’t “sure” what it is or was. A repeat tap wasn’t done, b/c neuro. was normal (although there was some F Wave that wasn’t normal, but neuro said “not a big deal”). Been very fatigued, and in rehab, but get exhaused very quickly. Any thoughts of others who have a similar story? :confused: Thanks again, this forum has been a breath of fresh air in a sea of confusion, blood draws, pin pricks etc….