New generation Rituxan

February 11, 2009 at 6:35 pm

Andrew, my oncologist encouraged me to continue the treatment to the end, in other words one more time in May. He felt like you do that being stable and possibly show some improvement was a good sign. The fact that treatment was started so late may be the reason why change in symptoms is so slow, he said.

He also told me that there is a new generation of engineered antibody against the CD20 marker currently in the trial phase. This one does a better job targeting CD20. He didn”t give me the name, though.

Normal range of antiMAG IgM using the index is <1

The reason my IgM and IgG dropped so much is probably the IVIG I received the month before I started the Rituxan.

No progress on the Honda front. Carol is thinking of taking it to small claims court but is dragging her feet and I don't feel like getting into it. I just about have given up on it.