New Car one day accident next

June 29, 2008 at 4:37 pm

Got my new car day before yesterday had an accident yesterday. I wear AFO’s on both feet and hit brake and gas at same time.Just hit a curb and the handicapped parking sign.(sign hit another car parked opposite in the handicapped space.)Minimal damage. I need a new bumper. More damage done to my ego than anything else. I figure I set a record at the dealership not even 50miles on the car. Trying to walk without AFOs but I have been wearing them for 2 yrs now. Still numb from my chin down feels like my arms and legs are asleep. My confidence is shakey at best now. Family and friends say it was just an accident and no one was hurt, me not physically but not so sure about mentally.I should be thankful i have come a long way to be able to drive still using forearm crutches and a cane sometimes but havent seen any improvement in functionality for a while. Having a hard time accepting that this could be asgood as it gets.