New blood work update

March 30, 2011 at 12:07 am

Hi everyone,
I wanted to let you all know that I went to another doctor today. She is a PCP with a sub specialty in preventative medicine. She ran some blood work last week and tested my adrenal glands, because of my severe chronic fatigue. She said that they are functioning ridiculously low and are not creating cortisol. I also found out that my pituitary gland is severely sluggish too. These 2, especially the adrenals, pay a huge role in controlling inflammation in the body, along with depression, weight gain, fatigue and so on. For any of you feeling fatigued or if you have been diagnosed with CFS, please have your adrenals checked! IVIG can effect their productivity, along with a lot of the narcotics we rely on for pain management. At one time, they will be effected. I am hoping that with these new results, my endocrinologist will eat his words from a few months ago when he told me that he didn’t see any reason for testing my adrenals, as my fatigue was caused by depression! It is so insulting when you go to a physician to try to get answers and all you get is the brush off!! His nurse called me today after he read the results of the blood test he refused to do on me because he needs to run a 24 hour adrenal challenge test.
I am seeing the specialist that told me about XMRV at the end of April. I will post her thoughts and testing when available.
Those of us with severe autoimmune diseases have to be so vigilant when it comes to testing every part of our bodies from our organs, to our NCV’s and EMG’s!!! Since the doctors would not perform the adrenal test, I had to go to a new doctor, request the test and pay for it out of pocket. Only to find out that my hunch was right. I’m so sick of being told I have depression!!! I know I’m depressed, I’m sick!!!! I assure you that I was not depressed before my illness took my ability to get out of bed!!! I can deal with the pain. I am so used to it that it doesn’t bother my so much. What kills me is this fatigue that causes me to sleep for days at a time and makes taking a shower a chore! If I can beat the fatigue, I will be able o be a mother and wife again. That’s all I want. To be awake enough to watch my kids grow. It just makes me so mad when a physician can so easily tell me it’s in my head and wash his ands of me!!! Leave my head to my shrink! He should have tested my adrenals in October when I begged him to. What a jerk!!!!
If anyone wants to test your adrenals, request a simple blood test for your cortisol total and DHEA sulfate. If they come back abnormal, you have proof of why you are chronically fatigued. Your PCP can run this test (to keep the cost down) once interpreted, you will be sent for treatment. It is just a test that is not commonly run, so ask for it……
Take care:)