new as well

October 11, 2006 at 1:37 am

Hi. I am new here too. i just read your entry and felt i was reading my own words. i was trying to get up the nerve to start writing without crying.
i have been reading for a few days now, scared out of my mine.
i was diagnosed with MS 6 years ago and last week my new neurologist looked at me and said you have CIDP and handed me a piece of paper with this site listed on it.
i am at the OMG state right now. I have never heard of this dx, but after reading all the entries i see that other people know exactly what i am feeling.
My doctor did a nerve conduct study a couple weeks ago to compare it to the one i had done awhile back and said that my nerves are dying off in my legs. what exactly does that mean? will they come back? will i be bed ridden again? So many things go through my mind everyday it is hard to be in a happy mood. also, since the test i have been in constant pain. i wasn’t before. will this lighten up at all? I have been on Lyrica for months now and he told me to increase as much as i needed. how much before i know this drug might not be for me? also i am having to go in for weekly b12 shots.
the best thing he did so far is connect me to this site!