New anti-CD20 antibody

February 11, 2009 at 8:08 pm

That is very interesting about a new antibody. I did a quick search and came across something called [B]Ofatumumab[/B] at: [url][/url]
Have a look and see if this is what you think your oncologist was referring to.
Another one courtesy of the same site is [B]Veltuzumab[/B]: [url][/url]
There is a GBS/CIDP conference coming up here in Toronto on April 18, so I will make a point to ask about new drugs such as the two above in the treatment of IgM MGUS.

Anti-MAG normal of 1 versus UofW at 1500…hmmm….could it be as simple as your result needing to be multiplied by a power of 10×3 to get same units as UofW. Who knows?

How come the IgG didn’t come back up to where it originally was after the IVIG wore off in your system?

Damn this stuff is complicated.

I think that 60 minutes should take a look at the Honda story!!!