New and nervous

July 29, 2008 at 11:38 pm

This is the first time I have ever posted on the internet.My husband a year ago was an active all around guy.He could hunt,fish,bowl,ride a motorcycle,a member of two volunteer fire departments.Today he cant take a step without falling.At 53 he is using a walker with tennis balls!! Next is a wheelchair.In 2005 he went to Katrina with Verizon for 2months.Befor he left he had shots for HepA,Tetnus/Dipth.About 7 months later he fell and twisted his ankle.He went to therapy but it only got worse.Then the doctor thought it was a pinched nerve in his back.he then got footdrop.He continued to fall.He has excessive sweating,Cramping in hands.We went to a neuroligist who did blood work,mri,spinal tap and said he has CIDP or chronic GB.Well a month ago he had a seizure.This did not fit with his diagnoses.He did not know what to do.Cat scan and mri of brain came back neg.So now we are going to JohnsHopkins on Aug.11.I feel like he is dying in front of my eyes.Not many people have heard of this.I think it had to do with the shots or he picked up somethig in katriina.Does any else know of anyone who came back with problems after the hurricane??Thank you in advance for letting me vent.