Never say "Never"…

December 7, 2009 at 11:19 pm

Even though I’ve only been fighting this fight for a few months, I’ve learned quickly that doctors, especially neurologists, should NEVER say “never”. In my opinion, it shows either a lack of education or a “I haven’t got time for this today” kind of rush to judgement.

I’ve got early CIDP, but I’ve also had enough spinal issues for ten people. With leg pain, especially that just came on, there are a LOT of other things to rule out. I would assume they probably did after two days in the hospital, but have you consulted an Orthopedist? Does the pain stay in the lower legs, or does it run throughout your entire leg? Does it radiate, say into the hips, pelvis, etc? Do certain things bring it on or exacerbate it? Can you “cause” it to flare? All that said, it’s probably NOT skeletal, because you seem to state that it’s symmetrical, which is rarely the case with pinched nerves, disc problems, etc.

My first thought was that if it isn’t neurological, it’s probably vascular. Did they check out those possibilities in the ER?

Buy any new shoes lately? 😉 Actually, that was a joke, but it made me think of something…have you ever had shin splints? I’ve had them a couple of times in my life, and they are EXCRUCIATING!!! With me, it was always both legs, from the calves down, and would get worse throughout the day. By day’s end all I wanted to do was crawl, so I wouldn’t have to put weight on my feet and ankles. Just a thought.

Good Luck,