Neurostimulation System _ ReBuilder

December 25, 2007 at 4:37 pm

I have used (and have one) a system called a “ReBuilder”

You can see information at

This is a small unit similar to a TENS unit. You would probably have to buy it
whereas you can get a TENS by renting one. Some insurance programs,
including Medicare will pay for the TENS, if you get it prescribed properly.
It’s my understanding that the ReBuilder can be paid for by insurance
also but the company prefers not to. See their web site for this information.

I first had a TENS, by recommendation of a visiting physical therapist
a few weeks after hospital discharge. It did no good at all and I returned
it very soon.

I bought and used the ReBuilder about a year later after much waffling
over it.

Their claim is that, as opposed to the TENS, it does not block anything
but instead mimics the natural “gate” signals of the nervous system
and therefore stimulates and helps heal the nerves. Well, maybe so
and maybe no.

The unit consists of a small battery powered box with simple controls
and wires leading to paste-on electrodes. Usage is not too expensive as
their electrodes can be removed and reused for about a month.

I used it off and on for a while but haven’t bothered in a while, largely
because I have gotten quite a bit better. It did seem to help some to
reduce the intense burning I have had. I think it would really depend
on your situation and unfortunately there is almost no way to evaluate
that with respect to this device other than to try it. It does seem to
me that if you are thinking of having electodes implanted, you may want
to try this first.

A big problem I had is that there is almost no guidance available on
where to place the electrodes. I eventually tried using anatomical
diagrams to find where particular nervous pathways approach the
skin and then tried to put one electrode at each end. As I said before,
I think this device provided some relief for me but I don’t think it
was spectacular.