Neuropathy Association Support Groups

January 13, 2009 at 10:00 pm

In Indiana, I attend a Neuropathy Association support group. There are lots of these in California–including three in Sacramento, one in Livermore, and quite a few in the Bay Area. I am sorry I do not remember where Lodi is, but I am sure there is one near that. Check out [url][/url] and look under support groups or under Resources and then under support groups and then under California and then under Northern California. There apparently is also a website [url][/url] but it does not seem compatible with Macintosh–so I could not view it. I am the only person with GBS/CIDP in the support group I attend here, but a lot of the same issues are the same with others with peripheral neuropathy including pain, impact on life, desire for ways to get stronger and better. We meet each month. It is kind of nice that by despite having many different causes for the neuropathy, there are enough of us to be able to meet regularly.