Neurontin Dosage

August 21, 2008 at 1:54 am


I have taken Neurontin for about 3 years now – it is great. I take 2700 a day – 900mg/3x day. Gareth Parry started me on it as he is part New Zealander and comes down here once a year or so – I get to see him on top of my regular neuro. His comment is that neurontin is only about 60% absorbed by your body, so although you can take moer than 3600 mg/day, it is almost pointless because after that dosage the effective absorption percentage comes down.

I started similarly to what has been already described, and had no side effects, really. Just abit of sleepiness. But, Linda — you said you were having trouble sleeping, maybe this might help you if you take it at bedtime!!!!