Neurologist versus (fill n the blank) Specialist

October 12, 2011 at 10:53 am

I agree with the advice to be seen at any top notch teaching or leading Medical Center.

Some illnesses are so rare that your average doctor, including, run of the mill neurologists have never seen them.

I applied to Mayo Clinic Rochester, Mn without a referral. They asked for medical records and put me on a waiting list. When I questioned the waiting list, the essential answer was “you are so lucky to be accepted, we turn away a lot of patients.

I am not familiar with the check in system at Mayo. Although I have heard of it. Seems as if you show up and take your chances. I reckon the problem would be figuring out who to see and not having the appropriate testing already ordered. For an answer, I suggest you call the Clinic and ask them, directly, how does that process work?