Neuro appointment tomorrow

February 18, 2008 at 4:06 pm

To all my friends with IgM MGUS, I have an appointment tomorrow with my neurologist. She is one of the top neurologists.
So I have prepared a list of some questions as follows:
• When will we do tests to determine levels of IgM and of anti-MAG?

• Findings show that after differentiation, plasma cells formed from mature B-cells do not carry the CD 20 marker and can last up to 20 years in the bone marrow producing antibodies. Rituxan only targets cells with the CD 20 marker and therefore does not target the plasma cells. What part do the plasma B-cells play in the continued production of anti-MAG, after precursor B-cells have been eliminated by Rituxan prior to differentiation? Is there any way to reduce the plasma cell count?

• Do you have a copy of the forms used for Dyck’s Neurological Symptom Sign (NSS: 0 to 18) and Neurological Disability Sign (NDS: 0 to 244)? Would be useful for correlation with Studies by Susanne Renaud.

• What kind of program for repeat dosage of Rituxan do we envisage. Single dose, Double dose, maintenance dosage, frequency?[/COLOR]
My question for all is whether you have additional relevant questions which need to be asked at this time. If so, let me know.
If I succeed in getting answers, I’ll for sure let you know.