Nerves Controlling/assisting The Circulatory System

July 29, 2009 at 3:29 pm

Hi all,
CIDP definitely affects the circulatory system.
See: [url][/url]

When I was having a normal visit with my Primary Care doc, he saw the swelling in my feet. He told me it was “blood settling” in my feet, to explain it simply to me, as he said that the nerves help control the circulatory system, and when CIDP attacks the nerves, the circulatory system is affected. The blood pools when the circulatory system is affected and slowed down.
I have tachycardia, but nothing wrong with my heart. I have been told by a cardiologist, as well as my neuro and PCP, that it is because my CIDP attacked my autonomic system, (as proven with a skin biopsy showing small fibre atrophy), and the nerves control the heart, and the CIDP affected those nerves.
Hope this helps…