Nerve ‘death’ and ‘regrowth’ are two different things.

December 5, 2009 at 8:32 pm

When we have these autoimmune ‘attacks’ or ‘cascades’? Nerves, miles of teeny tiny ones, die in seconds! When nerves regrow? It’s slow, about a ‘1/2inch’ a month. So SLOW is the word! When new nerves grow? So little is known about ‘healing’ that it’s frightening. Once some nerves are stong enough or connected enough? They send out zings, just as if there are nerves dying, but this time they need ‘programming’!
Physical therapy if not overdone? Is a way that has helped me immensly. But, it’s also got to be tied into exercises you can do at home to maintain some strength and get and keep muscle tone. Surprisingly, during my last round of PT? [Not this one yet tho] I found that my brain and my muscles were ‘remembering’ how to do things RIGHT! They remember, they just need additional guidance. Given a diagnosis of CIDP? You might have ‘limits’ as to the number of PT sessions you can have-insurance wise. So, go to each PT center offering services [or have a friend or family do it] and ‘interview’ them over the phone as to IF they are familiar with GBS/CIDP issues and how their program might be best. You have to make every session count! Work hard! Nap afterwards and ask/demand a home program. Better yet when you ask the neuro for PT orders? Be sure to ask HIM for that ‘home program’. It’s surprising how much you can do w/simple exercises…safely at home that can build strength and stamina and get you going a bit better than before!
Keep faith and hope always.