need to understand more

July 30, 2006 at 2:22 am

I just read racer13’s post a few more times. I kept remember little things that happened tonight when my uncle came to the business. He was in the office looking for something. My aunt was there to help and organize the office a little. My uncle was trying to remove some little shelf. I was there and I carried the shelf away for him. But while I walked away to assist some customers, I saw him moving the shelf back later. I could sense that he wants to do everything by himeself again. (And as I was taking a phone order at the counter tonight, he walked behind me and pushed me once. I assume that he was holding my back because he lost balance for a second there.) 😮

Also, I complimented him about walking pretty good right now (no walker or cane ). He mentioned to me that he even started on his treadmill. At that time, I was surprised and was happy for him. But now, I realized that it’s not safe for him to do this much, right? :confused:

How can he tell if his “engery capacity” is good enough for him to start doing more normal routines? I am so worry now that he might fall into that trap of GBS and believe he’s feeling better and can do many things. I need to find a way to explain everything I absorbed from this forum and make sure that he understands. Personally, I do not know how GBS patients think, but I am guessing… since he is a man, he does not want to “be weak”. Perhaps having people like me who treat him as he is still very ill may offend him. But I want him to understand that I am thinking for the best for him. Plus, it is hard sometimes… that maybe he understands while I explain, but forgets it after a while.

Is there a way for him to keep all this in mind? I might try to give him a “reality hit” about the chance of getting another GBS attack. 😮

(Sorry that I have two posts at the same time instead of writing it all at once. If anyone have answers or some pointers for both of the posts I am doing now, please do. Thank you so much!)