Need help please

December 14, 2007 at 2:31 pm

Oklahoma City Update — [B]Still no power.[/B] It has been the most stressful week in ages. Long story… short of it, I do have heat from a generator at my sister’s house that lives next door. I went 3 nights sleeping in 50 degrees. I can plug in one small tv and that is it. Lots of good smelling candles and flashlights.

Been at work all week – dressing the best I can in the dark. Judi – what I meant was I wore colors that did not go together the other day, what I thought was gray was green when I got in the light. This is the only place I can check my email, etc.

I got desperate yesterday (before the heat came on) and took my cat to the vet for daycare as I felt it was just too cold for him in the house alone (he is not an outdoor cat). Boy, was Tigger ever so mad at me and they said he hissed all day long. I told him last night how sorry I was… It felt so good to sleep with normal temps.

The main problem is my feet as they are constantly cramping up without my heating pad on them at night. I feel like the walking dead with all the body aches I have.

Tonight we are expecting 2-4 inches of snow. We still have over 140,000 in the city without power. All my food in my frigerator is gone I suppose, I haven’t looked or opened the door since Monday.

I really appreciate your thoughts of warmth and sunshine. And yes, I would love to be in Arizona right now!