natural pharmacists

October 26, 2006 at 12:30 pm


It’s a great idea to get some one you trust to help you set up a safe supplement plan. However, do read these 2 articles explaining the snake oil techniques to beware of.

My supplement plan only started with the natural pharmacist. He was the one credentialed professional who was willing to take extra time to look beyond the standard teatments for CIDP. I have an excellent neurologist, mental health helper and family doctor; but they are not affordably available nor trained to help me search for alternative pain relief.

Then as I learned more about my disease and how various supplements worked I adjusted my pills according to my own experiences. For instance, my magic antioxidant (grape seed extract) might not be the one that reduces your pain. No supplement is going to cure CIDP , but I do feel that by making my whole body stronger the supplements help me deal with the effects of CIDP.

Each of us has a unique experience with this disease. You need to find help that you can trust. Check out your pharmacist the same way you would check out a new doctor – that’s what licensing agencies are for. Find a personality you will enjoy working with. Then do your own research in addtion – supplements are not always harmless.

Good luck,