nates knee

April 5, 2007 at 4:35 pm

We got his AFO this morning and they had him walk in it but it was so painful to do it, he didn’t go far.
After that we went to PT and he did what he could but not walk much or do the bicycle. They worked on Nates upper body for today.
We asked his PT person if its very common to injure yourself after GBS and she said its very common.
She explained that the muscles and tendons are not getting complete signals and they over extend and are not able to tell you if they’re going too far.
That injures them very easily.

She told Nate to stay off that knee for now, rest, ice, elevate and wrap it.
Not a good thing to look forward to.
She says it will happen until everything is fully awake.
Trudy, natesmom