Nate’s progress

July 13, 2006 at 11:48 pm

Nate found out a couple of weeks ago that there was another patient in Fountain Care with GBS. They told him they were planning to move George to the long term section also.
Nate, being his sweet self, went in and asked his case worker if they could move George into his room so he could help him.
It was perfect timing since his old roommate had pneumonia and had to go to St Joseph Hospital.
They moved George in with Nate and it is working out very well.
George didn’t know too much about what to expect so Nate gave him an extra packet he had.
George is very happy to have that info and Nate answering questions and just being a buddy to him.
Nate also told me his card for the Orange County Access Bus came yesterday. Now he can go places much easier now than before.
Funny how things work out when you least expect them to.