Nate’s doctor visit

October 24, 2008 at 5:23 pm

Well, we went to Nate’s Orthopedic Surgeon yesterday to get the wrapping and the plaster splint removed and take our first look at all the stitches.
Yuck, it was gross to look at!
He has 6 incisions of various sizes from 1 to 3 inches in length. The longest one is over his achilles tendon and down under his heel where they lengthened it and broke his heel bone. The next longest one is right over his ankle bone on the inside, and that one looked swollen and red.
He also has one under his big toe to correct his claw toe, on top of his foot where they moved a tendon to the other side of his foot, one on the side of his foot halfway between his little toe and ankle where they put the tendon in with a screw, and one of top of his foot near his big toe. I’m not sure what that one was though.
The doc says he has 2 screws holding tendons that he rerouted in place. Some will dissolve and others will not. He says if it bothers him, he can take it out later.
The doc and his assistant held Nate’s foot very still the whole time they looked at all the stitches for fear that he would move it. The slightest movement could be disastrous.
They immediately redressed the stitches with Iodine tape and wrapped it with cotton and made a fiberglass cast.
One thing all of us noticed immediately though was his foot is straight for the first time in almost 3 yrs!!
Nate likes blue but they were out of blue cast stuff, so they made a black one. Nate already wrote his name on it with red fabric paint, LOL.
I could not believe how quickly that stuff dries. It was a whole 10 minutes.
Nate’s foot is still really sore and throbs anytime its down. I feel his pain. I have had foot surgery too but not that many stitches.
The doc also says no weight bearing until 8 weeks after surgery. That means Nate might be home for Christmas, and might not be either.
Hopefully he will but at least he’s close by this time.
Trudy, Natesmom