Nate’s ankle

March 20, 2007 at 9:14 pm

I iced it all day yesterday in hopes that it would be better today. It is.
Its still sore and a little swollen but he walked a little on it at PT. His Pt person wrapped it very tightly.
His Ortho doc says its sprained though.
His doc also had some x rays done of Nate’s hips as well as his left knee while bent. That was tricky though.
Nate can’t stand for very long unless he’s holding onto something stable.
He held onto the board that was mounted on the wall but couldn’t for long.
They got a quick x ray though.
His doc says Nate has a congenital hip problem we were not aware of.
His hips are not aligned very well and he will most likely get arthritis in them later in life. Great. More problems that he doesn’t need.
His doc says he doesn’t want an AFO for the left ankle yet. He wants to see how nate does with the right one when he gets it, then proceed from there.
I’m glad Nate is doing ok for now. Hopefully he won’t re injure that ankle before he gets his AFO.
Trudy, natesmom