November 23, 2010 at 12:34 am

[QUOTE=Lori222]has anybody been on or heard of success for cidp with low dose naltrexone? When i asked my Dr about it i was told it was only used for pain–and i dont have pain. i’ve read some interesting articles and it seems like they’re using it more to boost the immune system versus knocking it down and not just pain?? I’ll have to bring her some of these articles………any imput from anyone on it would be greatly appreciated. Lori[/QUOTE]

I started taking low dose naltrexone for CIDP for about 18 months ago. I started IVIG about 12 months ago. There was some small improvement from the naltrexone by itself and somewhat more after starting IVIG. I have more endurance for walking (my legs, left in particular, are affected). I doubled the distance I can walk at a stretch from 3/4 mile max to 1.5 mi plus There was no improvement in recovering more sensation however. Sx progress has not stopped entirely but has slowed dramatically – a little more numbness but no further muscle weakness. I have no side effects from the naltrexone at 4.5 mg and for the IVIG just a mild headache on the day after Tx completion each month which responds to a dose of Excederin.