Reply To: Newly Diagnosed

September 3, 2011 at 5:30 pm

[QUOTE=jc10]NCV is short for nerve conduction study, the part where they put the elctrodes on you then send an electrical current through the nerve to time how long it takes the current to get from point a to point b. Haven’t you had that done? The emg part is where the insert the needle into the muscle and record action potentials, i believe. how are you doing today?[/QUOTE]

Ah yes, yes! I knew this! I did have this done my first time in the hospital. I’m doing. I’m learning baby steps. I’m learning how to do laundry by myself. ๐Ÿ™‚ My pain is not too bad today, although, I’ve probably hit my limit for being on my feet for the day so the evening will probably be spent in my chair. I wish we lived closer to our family because it’s just impossible to find someone to help you when you need it.

I may start venting here…. ugh! People! My husband works 12 -14 hour days and when he comes home, his job doesn’t stop. Before, being a housewife, I did everything around the house and catered to him. Now… I do what little I can to make it easier on him. I feel bad that my amazing husband gets almost no rest, lugs me, my wheelchair and my walker around and never frowns upon it. He does this all with one arm! He carries me when I need to get to bed quickly because I’m hurting so bad. He’s amazing!

Last night after dinner, the plan was to go get my medications picked up from the pharmacy. I didn’t make it through dinner without needing to be in bed so I asked my sister in law if she had any errands to do… maybe she could pick me up and we could go together… like we always did before I got “sick”. She said she didn’t have any errands to do, which was fine.

I offered to pay (very generously) either of my sister in laws to take me to the pharmacy – I even said, I won’t do my other shopping if you don’t have time, but I can’t go without these medications. They both said no, they are being lazy today. BUT… they want to have 15 – 20 people at my house on Monday for a cookout and leave me to clean up the mess when I can barely cook dinner for my husband and I … that opened a can of worms. I have not once asked for help from them for anything … I haven’t got a text from one of them since the first admittance to the hospital asking how I was doing … it’ll be alright.

Everyone has said that you will see a different side of people. How do people care before you get “sick” but don’t care afterwards or during? In the end, my brother in law is generous enough to take me to get my medicine, without hesitation my husband says. What a day!!

How are you doing today? ๐Ÿ™‚