Reply To: Newly Diagnosed

September 4, 2011 at 10:20 am

Oh yes, I tell my husband every day how amazing he is and I will tell him every single day that he’s the greatest husband in the world until he’s convinced!

We have TONS of emotional support. In January, right before I started developing symptoms of this nasty disease … we moved to Colorado from IL for a new job for my husband. All of my family is in Illinois … 1,000 miles away. I talk to my mom every day and I keep a blog that I update daily for them to read and keep up on how things are going. My husband’s family lives in Oklahoma and they pray for us every day. They are just as emotionally supportive as my family is.

Then… you have his two step brothers that live here in Colorado. They are the ONLY people that we know here. Each step brother has a girlfriend and two VERY BADLY behaved children. The one sister in law, Christine, became very jealous of the attention that I was getting from their employer (the owner of my husband’s company came to see me at the hospital a few times with his wife and the ladies at the office sometimes come over and help out around the house or take me to my doctor’s appointments)… anyways, Christine used my symptoms as her own and went to the emergency room (while I was still admitted). Yes, she stooped THAT low!

The other one, Jamye… oh geez …. well, I was admitted to the hospital for the first time on August 8th, I have been in the hospital twice, she knows my husband’s schedule, the guys work together. She has not ever once texted me or called me to even say, hey how ya doin? Not once offered do I need anything, nothing.

Yesterday, the ordeal with getting my medication… when TJ (my husband’s step brother, Christine’s boyfriend) came to pick me up, he asked which pharmacy it was and when I told him which Walmart it was …. he informed me that Jamye had literally JUST left there. Christine wouldn’t take me even though I offered to pay her, I even told her I wouldn’t do any other shopping if she didn’t have time but my medicine is the only thing keeping me out of the hospital. I’m at home by myself most of the time because Jason (my husband) still has to work … we have done so much for all them but I can’t even get a simple phone call. I have EVEN SAID… Gee, if it gets bad enough, someone from Oklahoma or Illinois is going to have to take time off work to come here, we are going to have to pay for a plane ticket we really can’t afford right now, all because no one here will help us. Reaction: “oh that sucks.”

We are going to still have our cookout tomorrow. I have told my husband I am NOT happy about it and I stay in our room. I do hope that she comes over. But I don’t know how to pursue. She does NOT understand and she doesn’t have clue because she hasn’t been here. So, do I explain to her and try to make her understand what is going on … or do I tell her how I really feel … which won’t be pretty but I don’t feel good and I don’t care!