Reply To: Please help me!

July 30, 2009 at 12:22 pm

I’m very sorry to hear what your sister is going through.

I think all you can do is just be there for her when she starts feeling doing. Depression is EXTREMELY common with any chronic illness, especially GBS/CIDP.

I think you should speak with the dr’s about ordering some meds for depression & that might also help her sleep at night too.

I think it would be wise to have a counselor come in to speak with your sister, especially about her children & to also have some family counseling (with the kids involved). It’s hard for kids to see their mom in the hospital & so helpless & in pain. They are probably avoiding conversation because they love her so much & it scares them to know what kind of pain she’s in. The counselor would be able to help your sister learn to cope with her new life. She’s had a life changing experience & will never be the same again. She will be different but with time, and counseling, I bet more of her old self will return again.

I imagine she feels helpless & hopeless. Those are hard feelings to deal with. She needs a loving, caring, support group.

I imagine your sister was in extreme pain. I think after months of feeling that way I would just want to die as well. The pins & needles feeling is similar to when your leg falls asleep & you try to walk on it. Imagine that constantly lasting for months & being all over your body. It would suck!

I don’t know anything about the hypotension but I’m sure you can find extensive info with a Google search.