Reply To: CIDP and Arthritis

March 23, 2009 at 6:34 pm

Hey Jim,:rolleyes:
I had the same surgery in Dec.
My doctor is a supposed knee specialist
who only does knees. He’s very booked and has
pictures of lot’s of athletes and olympian on his walls.
Anywhoo, after my surgery he tells me he took a biopsy
because my knee appeared to be very inflamed inside,
in his words “I’ve never seen such an angry knee and I
do hundreds of these a month! ” I then reminded him I
was his CIDP patient, I should’ve known he didn’t have a
clue as to what I was explaining earlier. In hindsight he kinda
disregarded me when I was telling him my medical history.
I told him if he cut open my feet and hands they are probably
equally inflamed. Only good thing is I now have a picture
to show the inflamation for insurance purposes. Also I had
no idea my knee was in pain and I had a torn meniscus pretty bad.
It didn’t hurt any more than the rest of body but my doctor
noticed swelling and took an x-ray. Go figure…