Reply To: Help Please!

November 17, 2008 at 12:46 pm

Before Emily was dx’d she had tingling in her face, on her head (it hurt for me to wash it – I thought she was just didn’t like her hair washed) & she had trouble swallowing. To this day (at 7) she will only take very small bites when eating.

What neuro did you just see? I’m curious since I live in MI as well. It sounds to me like he didn’t know much about CIDP to completely dismiss ANY symptom you are having without running any tests.

I think you need to find another neuro. The people who went to the symposium seemed to be impressed with Dr. Lewis but if you can’t see him then I would suggest getting into U of M.

Any new neuro should want to do another round of complete testing – MRI’s, spinal tap, EMG, etc.

Good luck.