Reply To: IVIG Questions?????

August 11, 2008 at 6:56 pm

Kevin was initially dx with gbs, had ivig, instantly better, 5 months later, it was back. More ivig, better, 5 months later, back. now it is cidp and we have gotton ivig monthly since Oct 07. The first dx took about 4-5 weeks till he plateued at his worst. the worst being unable to walk, go up stairs hold a wash rag or pencil to picu for 10 days. Gbs is dx for some in as little as 24 hours but as long as 4 weeks. Kevin fell in that gray area. Ultimately the response to ivig and repeat ncv/emg comparisons was the final diagnostic tool. Today I believe, Ali posted something like”Whats in a name” Linda. Read it, it is VERY informative. Good luck.