Reply To: frustrated

August 11, 2008 at 6:26 pm

Hey FOM ..this gives us something in common! I never thought of the water and alcohol for a pliable icebag. What a good idea. I too am trying to go without the prescription meds. I tried Gabapentin but it made me feel so light headed and almost drunk. I was fuzzy brained and couldn’t concentrate so it made it hard to work. Add on that I began retaining fluid in my hands and feet and gained a wack of weight I didn’t want or need:eek: ! So, I never heard of the Hypericum. If it works let me know and I will try it for my feet.

Rest up and the next time you look in the mirror…give yourself a huge big smile and tell yourself something wonderful about yourself. A psychologist told me to try this when I am depressed or feeling down. If you do it faithfully, it works. The smile and the positive affirmation cause the brain to feel safe, release some seratonin and Voila! You feel better. Some days I do it every morning!