Reply To: Transfer Factor

July 30, 2008 at 7:30 pm

Hi Julie,
I’m a little lupie too, I’ve got vicodin, soma and 2 morphines left! My back is out, hasn’t been since 95. So here it goes, luppiness and all. TF is a modulator like ivig, I think, they do the same thing, I think. the article also mentions t-cell receptors. I have been saying the key to something lies in the t-cell receptors. If we could just get your helper cells in the thymus gland to work properly, we might not have problems. That is what the ivig is doing, modulating, I think. So maybe some day, our own immune system can do the right thing itself and get rid of the autoantibodies (through the thymus gland via the helper cells) Hopefully with hope will be along and read this and clarify things. I want to understand this stuff so badly!!! I wish I knew how to articulate my thoughts into questions!!!