Reply To: Just diagnosed?

November 6, 2006 at 7:51 pm


I was initally diagnosed in July 2002. I would like to know who “THEY” are. I am in no means coming down on you, I just know that no one GBS patient is the same. My unknowledgable Neuro told me the same “6 months” and he also said that I would be better without treatment. Well was he wrong!!! (A real idiot!) I got worse without treatment and now am suffering with residuals/unsure if I am getting it again.

Every time I go on on this subject, I want to make him suffer as I do because he had the empathy of a rock.

I hate this ride I have been given, but if Doctors and Neuros would be a little more educated in this maybe it would be a little more tolerable for all of us.
I am just venting and not mad at anyone here, I only have prayers to offer all who suffer with this like I do.

Schel – did you have MF or GBS or Both – I really feel after 8 months I am getting worse – but hate to be a complainer –