Reply To: Miller-Fisher

November 6, 2006 at 8:00 pm

[QUOTE=youngerfamily]I have been diagnosed with miller fisher syndrome. my question is did anyone else have extreme pain in thier face and what were they able to do about it.
thanks, christine[/QUOTE]
Christen – I have been dxd – with MF only – I apologize if I have already answered this emailed – my computer is acting up – YES my face is the worst with pain – tongue, teeth, and 3/4 of my whole face iss numb (but in pain if that makes any since) , when I am tired my neck, back, arms and chest are uncomfortablbe – I was lst dxd in 3/06 and do not seem to be any better. My protien count was 93 – from my understanding it is when you were able to receive the IVG from the recover time.