Reply To: Dawn Kevies mom

June 15, 2008 at 3:06 am

Are you having just the stomach scope?? I had the colon scope last year and the medicine to “clean me out” throw me for a loop. It was hard on my whole body and I needed fluids before the procedure by concerned staff nurses. Actually had a time recovery from what used to be simple years earlier. Showed me how sensitive I was now.
May 2005 I was homebound by sheer pain and fatigue. After over 200 IVIG infusions I can walk in my neighborhood on a good day. I literally went from using two forearm crutches to planting flowers in my yard-in three years.
I have a post on the CIDP page called “Three years IVIG” posted 3 weeks ago. It tells more about how far I have come when I had nothing left to give but being stubborn and refusing to not keep trying.
Glad you have support and a diagnosis.Yes, every little improvement is wonderful.