Reply To: Pain Management

May 20, 2008 at 10:08 pm

All I have to say is: This is a perfect example of universal, socialized, whatever name you want to give it medicine. I am SO SORRY you have to go through this crap to get help. I am so worried about healthcare while on medicaid. How in God’s name is the Gov going to be able to figure out a universal plan for everyone and actually get them what they need. Ivig in particular. I cannot even imagine not being able to get pain meds when needed. If worse came to worse, would the er or an immediate care facility be an option? What about the internet? i have no idea how that works, but I always get adds on my email for vicodin etc. I guess there is always Mexico. How scary to wonder if it is what they say.

Again, I am so sorry you are forced to struggle to get pain relief. Best wishes.
Dawn Kevies mom