Reply To: Prayers Needed

March 26, 2008 at 11:54 am

You All are Wonderful!!! Thank You for being here!!!:)
Dad is at a critical point today, he is alittle more stable as far as bp goes, low but its acceptable. He is able to communicate with me pretty well. His aspiration pneumonia is at its worse soo far, today is 48 hours post and its typically the worst point. his echo shows cardiac involvement, but not alot of damage soo far, still unsure if attack caused chocking or the other way around. catherization possible in the next couple of days to look into cause and damage. He is alittle more alert to surroundings, people and things. Thanks to All of You guys and sharing your vent experiences it has helped me alot with dealing with this situation. Dad is having some blood count issues and is receiving a blood infusion today, powering up!
Thanks for Being Here Everyone, My Family and I Really Appreciate You!!!!:)