Reply To: Prayers Needed

March 25, 2008 at 1:45 pm

Thank You ALL!!! a nice surprise this morning, the neuro treating my Dad is also my Son’s neuro, and looked in on me one time while I was paralyzed. Dad is responding to commands, moving his extremeties, has some neuro deficit on his left leg, somewhat diminished movement on his left arm, still unstable bp, and is in pain. I had to insist on the nurse repositioning him because he looked me in the eyes and I could feel his pain in the position he was just put in. After he was repositioned he gave me a big wink—I Love that connection!!!;) Seeing my Dad in that bed, propped up with pillows, just brings back All the pain and discomfort I felt while in the hospital during my relapses. He knows I know what he is feeling! Thanks again for All your Prayers and warm thoughts–They Are Working!!!:) off to the hospital again!