Reply To: Should I be angry?

March 4, 2008 at 4:47 pm

Thanks for the responses.

I did speak with the principal on Monday. I told her what happened & that I thought it was ridiculous to not allow grade schoolers to get a drink when they are thirsty & to not let them rest if they get tired. I told her that it’s not just about Emily & her illness – it’s about making sure that ALL of the kids are safe. I also told her that it’s not like 6-7 year olds would try to get out of doing something in gym class because, at this age, they are still just thrilled to be there. Kids don’t start trying to get out of gym until at least middle school.

The principal agreed with me & told the gym teacher to write in his notes that any time a substitute is there that they must allow the kids to get a drink & to take a break if they want one.

And Emily told me that SHE spoke with her regular gym teacher herself. She told him what happened & that if it ever happened again she was going to tell the substitute that she needed to go to the office to call her mom to take care of it. LOL..that kid!